Bodyline review – positive – L484, L114, socks492

Hi all, my Bodyline order finally arrived, so I can attempt to make my first review post!


7th January: Placed order, paid (via PayPal) and received confirmation email.

8th January: Receive an email saying my package has been shipped and am given a tracking number.

1st February: Package arrives!

I used Airmail as my shipping method and I’ve heard that Airmail almost never gets hits by customs – I don’t know how true that is, but I didn’t have to pay any customs charges. Another thing to note is the tracking number; I don’t know if this is normal but after my package had registered as arriving at Tokyo, the tracking wasn’t updated again until the 31st January and I was worried that it had gotten lost or something! However this could be totally normal for tracking on the JapanPost website, and I did get my package, so no harm done.

It arrived in the usual grey parcel – it was well sealed and there was no damage:

Front of package

All items were inside individual Bodyline bags:

Individual bags!

First up, Blouse L484!

Size: 2L (I measure waist 74cm, bust 94cm)
Colour: Black
Fabric: Bodyline lists it as ‘polyester others’



I wanted a blouse with detachable sleeves and after much consideration went for this one. It’s lovely! I was terrified of things not fitting me and am glad I went for the 2L – it’s a perfect fit and will look fine either tucked in or out. It has no shirring and the fabric is not stretchy.

There were a few loose threads on it but none I had to snip off. The blouse is wrinkled from transit but just needs a bit of ironing.

The blouse is very comfortable on and there is no lace touching the skin – the lace itself is quite soft though so I don’t think this will be a problem when it comes to wearing the short-sleeved version. The lace is the same everywhere on the bloude except for the cuffs – these have a polyester ‘under layer’ and lace laid over the top – you can see what I mean here:

The sleeves attach with 4 buttons that button up on the inside of the sleeve and are very secure – the buttons and buttonholes here are sewn well.

Detachable sleeves

The bow from the stock picture is detatchable and the pin is sewn on, not glued on, which I was pleased with. The bow is quite stiff. Mine had a loose thread on it shown here:



The only niggle I have with this blouse (and the cutsew, as it happens) is that the buttonholes for the main garment aren’t particularly well sewn – when doing up/undoing the buttons they often catch and you have to snip some threads free from the button/buttonholes. I don’t really mind this but it could become a problem in future if it causes unraveling or something. It’s really not noticeable though and isn’t too much of a problem.

Overall rating:

Size/measurements: 5/5 – fits me perfectly
Quality: 4.5/5 – it’s very sturdy and will last for a good few wears
Similarity to stock photo: 5/5 – although it’s actually nicer in person than the stock pictures!

Next up is Cutsew L114.

Size: 2L
Colour: Black
Fabric: ‘Polyester others’
This is listed under ‘blouses’ on Bodyline’s website and I assumed it would be the same structure/material as the blouse above – however it’s actually a cutsew! If you look under the item listing, where it says ‘weight’, this item is referred to as a cutsew. I just didn’t read that bit!

Again, I got a size 2L and it fits perfectly. This garment is shorter than L484, only just coming to the very top of my hips – raising my arms would cause the top to raise too!

Wrinkles galore!



Although listed as ‘polyester others’ again on the website, only the collar and cuffs of this cutsew are made from that material (which is that same material that L484 is made from) – the actual body and sleeves of this are made from a slightly stretchy cotton, which was a nice surprise.

This one was folded strangely in the packaging, causing the lace (which is in two layers, see photo) to stick up at funny angles – I’m sure an iron will sort this out though. The lace itself is not as nice as the lace on L484 but it is still totally bearable as not much of it touches the skin when worn.

2 types of lace

The 'upper' lace layer

The cutsew has 2 corset lacings at the back – these don’t change the size of the top and are just for ornamentation, to my knowledge. You have to be careful lacing them as if done incorrectly it can pull the shape of the top and make it look quite strange when worn – as long as you tie them properly though, this isn’t much of a problem. The ribbons used for the lacings are VERY long so you may find you need to trim them!

The buttons for this one are heart shaped, which I thought was really cute 🙂

Heart buttons~!

The buttonholes suffer from the same problem as L484 in that they aren’t sewn amazingly well. Again, however,it’s not a huge problem as long as you don’t mind potentially replacing some buttons/threads!

Overall rating:

Size: 4/5 – I would have preferred this a little longer, but then again I’m 5’7″ which is tall for lolita I guess
Quality: 4.5/5 – again, very nice and will last for a good while
Similarity to stock photo: 5/5 – Although again, it’s even better in person!

Lastly, the socks:

From the packaging


I can’t find these on the website any more, but they’re an OTK verion of these.

These are made of very nice material – ‘cotton others’ – and the lace is very soft. They also stay up very well when worn. Very good quality for the price.

Bodyline overall rating:

Communication: 4/5
Quality: 4.5/5
Sizing: 5/5

I’m very happy with my order 🙂 If anyone has any questions, wants more pictures or measurements or anything, please feel free to ask!


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